Mournstead is a human settlement built around the nation’s largest cemetery. It is believed that hundreds of years ago the cemetery stood alone before a group of humans built homes there to care for the graves. Since then it has grown into a place that people travel to to honour the dead. Few people move permanently to Mournstead, as there is little to no trade coming from the town, but the townsfolk who live there are content with their quiet life and most have been there for many generations.

The buildings are large and imposing, with steep pointed roofs and thick painted black wooden beams outlining them. Lanterns decorate every homefront and fence, casting an orange glow over the town even during the day. The cemetery sits in the south part of the town, home to over 3000 graves and stretching as far as the eye can see.

Notable NPCs

Gravekeeper Olaf leads a team tending to the cemetery

Elizabeth the funeral director

Notable locations

Inn: The Gallow’s End Tavern – run by Randy, an older gentleman with a penchant for waistcoats.

The Church of Az-eal – there are no wrongful deaths, as they are all welcome in the bosom of Az-eal.


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