Kuuma is the capital of Stroghar and a large tourist city. Members of all races live at peace in the city, known for it’s entertainment and nightlife. It is split into several districts – the trade quarter, spirit’s rise, the residential district and the royal keep.

The trade quarter has a market so popular that it drowns out any other ambient noise. Almost anything can be purchased here, both lawful and not so lawful. Guards patrol the area to break up any trade disagreements, which can happen quite frequently. The Gilded Hoof can be found here.

Spirits Rise, located to the north and elevated over the rest of the city, is where anyone seeking a spiritual release can find comfort. A large portion of the acolytes here worship Celeste, and are recognisable by their white robes – it is even said she walks among them regularly. The Cathedral of Light is the largest building in the city, with a huge pointed spire that can be seen for several miles outside the city, and is lead by Prophet Lutan, a high elf who worked for over a thousand years to reach the position. This area of the city is also home to several libraries, a museum, and a monastery.

The residential area is densely packed with houses of varying quality – from wooden shacks to large stately homes. A street crew keeps the roads clear of litter, and even starting before sunrise they do not finish until sunset. The Smoking Satyr can be found here.

The Royal Keep is home to high elf Queen Kephrii of Stroghar. She resides in the centre of the keep, protected by her trusted bodyguard Draugryn, a half orc woman. The keep is resplendent and large drapes hang on either side of the door decorated with a golden eye symbol. On the first Sunday of every month at noon the Queen emerges from her palace to the steps of the Royal Keep to bless a handful of citizens selected for their good deeds. Such is the populous of the city that many can go their whole lives without being selected for a blessing. Attached to the Keep is a grand mage tower, a shard of blue light reaching into the sky from it’s centre.

Notable NPCs

The Arcane Harvest: a council of 5 mages who ensure all the mages of Stroghar act in a manner deemed appropriate and make decisions on behalf of them all.

Vilandra – High elf

Demitri – Human

Sonax – Gnome

Selaryn – Drow

Navari – Tiefling

Queen Kephrii of Stroghar – has held the throne for 19 years following the death of the previous monarch, a human named Damion. As per custom, she was selected for the throne by King Damion before his death having served as his counselor for many years.

Notable locations

Inn: The Gilded Hoof – The innkeepers, Boots and Gurius, are a married tiefling couple. Boots is outgoing and flirtatious, but will tolerate no nonsense in her bar. Gurius leaves the majority of the running of the inn to his wife, as he is an aspiring poet and busies himself with writing.

Inn: The Smoking Satyr – known for being a rowdier place, the innkeeper is a gnome named John. He will put up with misbehaviour if he can find a way to make money from it, and he often does, whether it’s gambling or betting on a bar fight. He is known for his forgetfulness.

Church: Cathedral of Light – Home to acolytes of The Church of Light committed to serving the goddess Celeste and her infinite light. The acolytes will never turn away a cry for help, and run many charitable causes throughout the city. Lead by Prophet Lutan.

Church: The Transcendents – an atheistic church dedicated to finding enlightenment through indulgence. They believe you can only become the optimal version of yourself by sampling everything the world has to offer.

Mage tower: The homeplace of the Arcane Harvest, a council of 5 mages who ensure all the mages of Stroghar act in a manner deemed appropriate and make decisions on behalf of them all.

Notable factions

The Transcendents

The Church of Light

The Lightcrawlers

Order of Seekers

The Custodians of Silence


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