Foxfirth is a human town with a notable hunting lodge which hunters from all over Stroghar strive to be part of. They export a variety of meat, but also a lot of fur – as a result, the town is quite wealthy and the inhabitants are liable to over indulge. Foxfirth is also known for it’s unique fashion sense, with a lot of fur and bright coloured dyes that other towns either do not have access to or can’t afford. A variety show is put on nightly at the town inn, and entertainers from all over Stroghar will travel for their chance to make some coin.

The inn is owned by William and his daughter Seska works as a barmaid. A dwarf bard by the name of Gnok is more often than not playing a lute next to the bar to mixed reactions.

Notable locations

Inn: The Portly Baroness. William is an elderly man who believes it is an innkeeper’s job to always be welcoming, whereas his daughter Seska is more interested in retiring with a large amount of gold.

Notable NPCs

Brax Voyage – Tiefling mayor of the town and notable member of the Transcendents.


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