A mostly high elf/human city with a violent past. Many generations ago it was a human settlement, but orcs took a liking to their fertile ground and it’s high altitude tactical advantage. They invaded, and many humans died trying to defend it, while some chose to flee to Griffindine by sea – the war was almost lost before the High Elven military joined the remaining humans in fighting them back. It was a low ranking medic by the name of Lyantor Elsinthius who earned himself a hero status by sacrificing himself to infiltrate the orc encampments and spread a deadly contact poison amongst the orcs. He was captured as a hostage, beaten and tortured, but managed to spread the disease – killing most of the orcs and causing the rest to run for their lives. His life was lost, but in the rebuilding of the city a statue was erected in the main square dedicated to his memory – the plaque reads “Lyantor, defender of Alderwick, the poisoned lamb.”

To the south of the statue is a large wooden beamed house with its first floor overhanging a decorated porch. This is the old town hall, largely rebuilt after the war and now serving as an administrators office and mage hall.

Notable NPCs

Kimbra – town mage, head of defense of Alderwick

Lionel – town administrator

Notable locations

The town square – home of the Lyantor statue

Town hall

Inn: The Lamb and Shackle – run by Daphne, a no-nonsense woman who won’t tolerate any orcish blood in her bar. The inn is decorated with portraits of famous inhabitants of Alderwick and reveres their memory.

Inn: The Seer’s Demise – owned by a high elf by the name of Lothar, who considers his inn the high-brow place to be in the city. He will proudly show off his magical items to anyone who shows interest.

Notable factions

The Lightcrawlers


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