Session 8 - Day 5

The session starts with everyone in the girl’s room with the unconscious child wrapped in a carpet. While Fav explains the plan to the archmage to pose as rug salesmen, Ven pushes the child out of the window and jumps after.

After explaining he doesn’t trust anyone to Faverin and Theo, Fav sets off to get horses and buy rugs at exorbitant prices. He loads the horses up with the 3 rolled carpets, one containing the child, and they all mount up to head to Kuuma across country. When passing some trees they notice two evil looking creatures with heads floating next to bodies which Faverin identifies as the faen sidhe. They gallop off to try and escape and the creatures reappear in front of them.

After a battle in which the faen sidhe are killed, Faverin remembers having nightmares about them as a child, and that they can steal souls and take on other people’s aspects.

When they arrive at , Kuuma they are met by some guards who demand they hand over the child. While Faverin tries to walk past the guards with the child, Ven steps up and kills the first two guards by melting their faces, thinking they are faen sidhe in disguise. Rather understandably the other guards, who it turns out are not faen sidhe, are annoyed by this. Sleeping Ven byTheodred Vaven does not save the others from arrest and the guards arrest them all for murder and assisting in murder and take them to prison in the Royal Quarter.


rachfmurray mickey_williams

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