Session 7 - Day Four

What do you call a bard petrified by Medusa? A rockstar.

After enjoying their meal (freshly cooked Fenton) in the inn. Faverin attempts to eat all the pain and suffering.

The inn is quite busy due to the festivities and the local townsfolk are enjoying a drink. Many finger guns are fired in the direction of known townsfolk. Osborne Tosscobble is not present and neither is Hank. The group attempt to direct the pubs gossiping and conversation to the topic of the assassinations.
Theodred Vaven & Ven attempt to start a loud conversation about the orgres being to blame. Adelaide laughs at this suggestion and offers that it was a gang of elves that was only thwarted by the timely arrival of Draugryn Stonebinder.

The group attempt to probe into various conversations trying to stir up the conversation and found out any titbits. Faverin blends into the crowd and he hears some references to the The Unheard offered by some dwarves. Other people in the bar suggest Widowsisters may be responsible.

Nuna enters the main room from her room upstairs and asks Faverin for some help. She thinks she is dead. The group attempt to ascertain this as fact and following study & examination agree that she is indeed dead. She asks them to find out what happened to her body which is located in The Whispering Caverns from the minimal memory of the event that she can recall.

The group agree to investigate in the morning, Ven studies his mirror during the night and Faverin gets a message from Arch-Mage Kimbra summoning him to assist her in Alderwick.

The group re-convene over breakfast and decide to investigate the The Whispering Caverns before heading to Alderwick.

They leave the screaming mimic after bidding Adelaide farewell and head off on the road using newly purchased horses.

The group arrives at The Whispering Caverns and finds little of note outside, upon venturing in the group notices a figure stationary in the cavern. Further inspections reveals this to be a stone statue of a figure looking back into the cave.

Nuna body is identified cast in stone on the floor as well and the group logically determines from their pooled knowledge that this must be the work of basilisks and decide to protect their ears using wax and cloth.

Upon venturing further into the cave they locate the source of the petrified corpses and manage to slay the basilisk. They see a light located at the end of the cave and the stone walls appear to be decorated as if someone resides here. Faverin volunteers to sneak forward & sees a figure facing away from him. He decides to remove the wax from his ears as he investigates further and finds that this person/creature is warding him away. The group remove all the earplugs and begin trying to talk to this creature who they identify as a Medusa.

The Medusa screams at the group to leave and go away, insisting that they leave and never come back. The group confronts the Medusa as to why she attacked our friend and the other adventurers, she states it was an accident and that she was just defending herself as she felt her life was in danger. She offers the group the cure if they deliver a message to her husband, Brenn, who has no idea of the fate that has befallen her. She asks that they not tell him what she has become. The group agrees.

The 3 adventurers then returned to Nuna and explained the situation. She explains that she has done enough in her life and will guard the cave in undeath, protecting the medusa from attackers and adventurers from petrification if they try to enter. Her heroic sacrifice is noted.

The adventurers immediately rode to Alderwick and tied up the horses before enquiring about Arch-Mage Kimbra’s whereabouts. Faverin began flashing around his very important letter summoning him to see Arch-Mage Kimbra, they find her at a local house accompanied by Mayor Lionel and a couple, Ruine and Nadre. Ruine was noticeably upset and after inquiring as to why, Arch-Mage Kimbra explains that their daughter is a very powerful sorceress and it was imperative that she be transported to the Arcane Harvest in the capital so she could be trained properly before she caused anymore harm. It was at this point the group noticed that the daughter was located upstairs and was by all accounts, judging from the sound, attempting to rip the house apart.

Arch-Mage Kimbra explained that due to the girls power they couldn’t get her under control and transported safely, Faverin had been summoned to help with the matter. Arch-Mage Kimbra had tried magically putting the girl to sleep, had no idea why it didn’t work until Theodred pointed out that the girl was part fey due to being A HIGH ELF and that she was immune to sleep magic.

Ven that suggested the most idiotic idea ever conceived by a conscious being, and it was quickly shot down never to be repeated for fear the group might embarrass themselves greatly. But for posterity, here it is: he wanted to petrify the child with help from the medusa, then transport her.

The group decided to concoct a very strong sleep potion, with the help of the local alchemist. Ven then approached the girl and convinced her to drink the sleep potion by also drinking it. Fortunately Ven also had a cure made so Theo and Fav used it to wake him up.


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