Session 9 - Day 5

The group are in a bare cell with only sleeping bags and pillows for comfort and all their belongings confiscated. Ven explains why he brutally murdered the guards to the others, as he believed they were faen sidhe in disguise. They are unimpressed by his stupidity but happy when he says he will admit all blame to spare them punishment. The group notice that in the other cells are a group of dwarfs, a gnome and a female elf.

They recognise the elf as the woman who attempted to murder the queen. She is not impressed when the group begin to goad her with insults and tells them they will never understand why she did what she did. She explains that in her culture, there is no room for men except to breed, and then they are killed. Upon more polite questioning by Ven she admits that the queen was merely a distraction and that the true target was met and it just hasn’t been discovered yet. She also suggests that Ven would be a worthy mate if he was interested. The group of dwarves drunkenly challenge the group to a fight and the gnome offers some items, which his dodgy selling of happens to be the reason he is in here. He suggests they check out Khabar’s travelling caravan to the east outside the city – some would call it an emporium. Ven unsuccessfully tries to escape by peeing on a pillow and bending the bars a la Jackie Chan and Theo debates trying to use magic without his focus. He eventually decides against it and takes a shit on the floor and starts throwing it around instead.

The next morning the group are taken into the court, with a group of spectators including Queen Kephrii and Draugryn and a judge presiding. Ven explains his story to the Judge and has some character witnesses in the form of Boots, Tim, Mr Tosscobble and a man by the name of Siegfried Escott, who was the merchant he rescued from bandits many moons ago. The judge tells Fav and Theo that they cannot escape punishment for their part in the crime and demotes Fav to be rankless, and Theo is not allowed to use magic in the city for a week and has to present himself weekly to the arcane harvest for a year. Ven gets a harsher sentence for being the actual murderer – He has to always report his position/plans to the Lightcrawlers, pay 200G at a rate of at least 7G per week to the victim’s families, and do community service. The judge tells them that the Arcane Harvest have managed to resurrect one of the guards, but their attempts on the other were unsuccessful. The judge releases them and their items are returned.

In the tavern later, reflecting on events and celebrating their release, the gnome from the jail cell walks in. Fav buys a ring from the gnome that he promised would make him more attractive, but when he puts it on he appears to be wearing lingerie and a feather boa and some sexy music emanates from the ring. After trying and failing to get his money back when he realises his mistake, Ven buys the ring off of him.

Session 8 - Day 5

The session starts with everyone in the girl’s room with the unconscious child wrapped in a carpet. While Fav explains the plan to the archmage to pose as rug salesmen, Ven pushes the child out of the window and jumps after.

After explaining he doesn’t trust anyone to Faverin and Theo, Fav sets off to get horses and buy rugs at exorbitant prices. He loads the horses up with the 3 rolled carpets, one containing the child, and they all mount up to head to Kuuma across country. When passing some trees they notice two evil looking creatures with heads floating next to bodies which Faverin identifies as the faen sidhe. They gallop off to try and escape and the creatures reappear in front of them.

After a battle in which the faen sidhe are killed, Faverin remembers having nightmares about them as a child, and that they can steal souls and take on other people’s aspects.

When they arrive at , Kuuma they are met by some guards who demand they hand over the child. While Faverin tries to walk past the guards with the child, Ven steps up and kills the first two guards by melting their faces, thinking they are faen sidhe in disguise. Rather understandably the other guards, who it turns out are not faen sidhe, are annoyed by this. Sleeping Ven byTheodred Vaven does not save the others from arrest and the guards arrest them all for murder and assisting in murder and take them to prison in the Royal Quarter.

Session 7 - Day Four
What do you call a bard petrified by Medusa? A rockstar.

After enjoying their meal (freshly cooked Fenton) in the inn. Faverin attempts to eat all the pain and suffering.

The inn is quite busy due to the festivities and the local townsfolk are enjoying a drink. Many finger guns are fired in the direction of known townsfolk. Osborne Tosscobble is not present and neither is Hank. The group attempt to direct the pubs gossiping and conversation to the topic of the assassinations.
Theodred Vaven & Ven attempt to start a loud conversation about the orgres being to blame. Adelaide laughs at this suggestion and offers that it was a gang of elves that was only thwarted by the timely arrival of Draugryn Stonebinder.

The group attempt to probe into various conversations trying to stir up the conversation and found out any titbits. Faverin blends into the crowd and he hears some references to the The Unheard offered by some dwarves. Other people in the bar suggest Widowsisters may be responsible.

Nuna enters the main room from her room upstairs and asks Faverin for some help. She thinks she is dead. The group attempt to ascertain this as fact and following study & examination agree that she is indeed dead. She asks them to find out what happened to her body which is located in The Whispering Caverns from the minimal memory of the event that she can recall.

The group agree to investigate in the morning, Ven studies his mirror during the night and Faverin gets a message from Arch-Mage Kimbra summoning him to assist her in Alderwick.

The group re-convene over breakfast and decide to investigate the The Whispering Caverns before heading to Alderwick.

They leave the screaming mimic after bidding Adelaide farewell and head off on the road using newly purchased horses.

The group arrives at The Whispering Caverns and finds little of note outside, upon venturing in the group notices a figure stationary in the cavern. Further inspections reveals this to be a stone statue of a figure looking back into the cave.

Nuna body is identified cast in stone on the floor as well and the group logically determines from their pooled knowledge that this must be the work of basilisks and decide to protect their ears using wax and cloth.

Upon venturing further into the cave they locate the source of the petrified corpses and manage to slay the basilisk. They see a light located at the end of the cave and the stone walls appear to be decorated as if someone resides here. Faverin volunteers to sneak forward & sees a figure facing away from him. He decides to remove the wax from his ears as he investigates further and finds that this person/creature is warding him away. The group remove all the earplugs and begin trying to talk to this creature who they identify as a Medusa.

The Medusa screams at the group to leave and go away, insisting that they leave and never come back. The group confronts the Medusa as to why she attacked our friend and the other adventurers, she states it was an accident and that she was just defending herself as she felt her life was in danger. She offers the group the cure if they deliver a message to her husband, Brenn, who has no idea of the fate that has befallen her. She asks that they not tell him what she has become. The group agrees.

The 3 adventurers then returned to Nuna and explained the situation. She explains that she has done enough in her life and will guard the cave in undeath, protecting the medusa from attackers and adventurers from petrification if they try to enter. Her heroic sacrifice is noted.

The adventurers immediately rode to Alderwick and tied up the horses before enquiring about Arch-Mage Kimbra’s whereabouts. Faverin began flashing around his very important letter summoning him to see Arch-Mage Kimbra, they find her at a local house accompanied by Mayor Lionel and a couple, Ruine and Nadre. Ruine was noticeably upset and after inquiring as to why, Arch-Mage Kimbra explains that their daughter is a very powerful sorceress and it was imperative that she be transported to the Arcane Harvest in the capital so she could be trained properly before she caused anymore harm. It was at this point the group noticed that the daughter was located upstairs and was by all accounts, judging from the sound, attempting to rip the house apart.

Arch-Mage Kimbra explained that due to the girls power they couldn’t get her under control and transported safely, Faverin had been summoned to help with the matter. Arch-Mage Kimbra had tried magically putting the girl to sleep, had no idea why it didn’t work until Theodred pointed out that the girl was part fey due to being A HIGH ELF and that she was immune to sleep magic.

Ven that suggested the most idiotic idea ever conceived by a conscious being, and it was quickly shot down never to be repeated for fear the group might embarrass themselves greatly. But for posterity, here it is: he wanted to petrify the child with help from the medusa, then transport her.

The group decided to concoct a very strong sleep potion, with the help of the local alchemist. Ven then approached the girl and convinced her to drink the sleep potion by also drinking it. Fortunately Ven also had a cure made so Theo and Fav used it to wake him up.

Session 6 - Day Four
Shopping, Bull Puns and Hank

Ven decides it is time to go spend some of his hard earned coin and invites the others to join him on a trip to the local shops prior to the festival.

He purchases much needed supplies before heading to bed.

Awakening the next day in the Screaming Mimic, the group are met by Behlir early in the morning. He has a book for Theodred Vaven which has an eye in the middle and hands holding it shut. He explains none of the administration have ever been able to open it.

Behlir gives them the low-down on the festivities. 10am start & flowers are waiting outside, which they are to give out around town. Many local businesses do this to win favour among the villagers.

They finish up their breakfast and take a second breakfast to go. Ven heads over towards the centre of town to observe the speech to be given by Osborne Tosscobble. Just outside the Screaming Mimic is a bucket of flowers to be given out to the local townsfolk (red flowers). Belhir informs them that they are to tell the townsfolk that Osborne Tosscobble is responsible for the horticultural gifts.

Theodred Vaven & Faverin scan the area as they leave the inn, Faverin finds himself a dwarf to flirt with but unfortunately gets a express delivery of a flower to the face.

Faverin attempts to intimidate another flower girl by knocking her bucket onto the floor. She begins to cry and make a scene, and Fav successfully manages to convince the angry mob that Ven was the culprit. Ven manages to successfully charm his way out of the situation by explaining that knocking things out of people’s hands is a Tiefling custom leading to more rampant halfling racism. Osborne Tosscobble delivers his speech.

Theodred Vaven spots a bull running in the back alleys being chased by a dwarf women and attempts to carrel the bull back into the alley for safety. Fenton destroys the fuck out of the dwarf and fucks off. Mrytle is worried about the reputation of the shop, Myrtle is worried that she will be fired for Fenton’s escape.

The party meets Digby at Meat and More and offers to reward them with meat in exchange for the safe return of Fenton. The group follows the tracks through an orchard and to the outskirts of Griffindine. Ven returns to safeguard the security arrangements leaving Theodred Vaven & Faverin to track down Fenton.

They track the trail through into the clearing and they find Fenton sleeping next to another cow. Theodred Vaven manages to put the cows to sleep to subdue them and they successfully lead the cows back to the town. Myrtle is upset by the roasting of the cows but Digby successfully argues the need to preserve traditions.

Fenton is roasted alive (RIP) and Ven runs the security whilst chatting with the locals & Nuna.
Ven meets a dwarf who asks if he has met Hank – he suggests that Hank is good at everything, a master of disguise and a true gentleman, before he hands Ven a business card with Hank written on it.

Faverin & Ven meet with Osborne Tosscobble and receive payment for their work. They also collect as a group their “meat” and head back to the inn to enjoy their well earned spoils.

Session 5 - Day Three
King of the swamp

Theodred Vaven challenges the king of Bullywogs dressed as an orc. He is unsuccessful before succumbing to unconsciousness due to Bullywog related injury, luckily Faverin is there to save the day by dishonorably stabbing the king in the back. Ven revives Theodred Vaven. The group manages to subdue the rest of the bullywogs using a mixture of magic & sword play. After the battle the group send the remaining gollywogs back to the coast and bury the gollywog king and the others in a hole they dug as a trap earlier, after stealing the king’s crown. Theodred Vaven puts the crown on. Ven finds the “Cartographers Stein” under the throne and instantly knows about a nearby pub when he holds it.

They get back to the Screaming Mimic and celebrate the victory with the common folk. They mention the (made up) good deeds of Osborne Tosscobble who apparently led them all into battle & Theodred Vaven who also played a large part in the battle and apparently did not die. The group share a drink from the “Cartographers Stein” before heading to meet with Osborne Tosscobble. They receive payment and hand over the crown.

They are recruited as security details for the same payment fee at a festival being held the next day. They get directions to the local butcher, armorers & weapon smiths. Belhir will be present to be the groups assistant.

Session 4 - Day Three
Bullywogs or Victimwogs?

The adventurers awaken in the Screaming Mimic. Ven decides to head down for breakfast nice and early. The early Kenku gets the worm after all & he wants to make a good impression on Adelaide.
Faverin explains over breakfast his theory that it may be mating season and this may explain the Bullywog behavior.

The three order steak and coffee for breakfast & ask Nuna if she would like to join them for breakfast. She joins them at the table, they discuss tails and Nuna reveals she is a fortune teller.

She offers to read Faverin fortune. Using the ancient art of tea hearing she appears to smell Faverin’s fortune. “YOU ARE A LAMB LOST IN A DARK WOODS” “WHAT CAN HAPPEN IN A DARK WOODS TO CHANGE THE NATURE OF A MAN”.

Ven is delighted by this and excitedly asks for his and Theodred Vaven fortune to be read. For Theodred VavenYOU CLING TO LIFE AS IF IT ACTUALLY MATTERS BUT YOU WILL LEARN” “DREAMING IS YOUR ONLY ESCAPE FROM THIS LABYRINTH”.


Nuna gives basic directions to the mayors office and Faverin attempts to convince the administrator that he has an appointment, to little success. Theodred Vaven manages to persuade the administrator that the situation is getting out of hand if news has read the capital. Ven,Fav & Theo pass the time by discussing the fortunes.

They enter the room, its circular and surrounded on all walls by books & a picture of a sunflower. Mr Tosscobble is delighted to see the party and discusses the Bullywog problem. “Pesky little creatures”.

The party offer to parlay on behalf of the town. Mr Tosscobble finds them a book on Bullywogs to aid them in their job. Bullywogs seem to be territorial, prone to flattery and do not speak common. They have a king/queen.

Mr Tosscobble promises 6g if they can rid the town of Bullywogs and 1g extra if you can get the crown of the king.

For an extra tasks in exchange for the books, Mr Tosscobble is worried about his approval rating & asks for them to distribute roses. Ven suggests that he and Theodred Vaven take the credit for the deed thus promoting the standing of them both.

The party finds out the direction of the Bullywogs and leave the mayors office.

Faverin gets scared by some fog and the party still manages to capture 3 Bullywogs. They perform a deception in an orc disguise to attempt to upsurp the Bullywog king. They may make it into the camp and begin a standoff with the king.

Session 3 - Day 2
Kenku? More like Winku

As morning breaks, the party venture downside to find Boots & Gurius already awake and working hard. Boots appears to be suffering this morning.

Breakfast and copious coffee is ordered including some delicious basilisk sausages. The group discusses the previous nights events and they plan to travel to Griffindine to eliminate the menace that plagues the village.

As the group are attempting to leave the city they hear a crying coming from a nearby alley. As they venture between the butchers and candlestick makers, they find the source of the noise which appears to be a toddler sized blackbird with boards for wings.

Ven identifies the bird as a Kenku. We name him Truffle and he appears to be in distress. As Theodred Vaven attempts to unbind his wooden wings, as he finishes fiddling with the knot he releases Truffle who grabs his necklace and runs into another nearby alley and hides in a nearby dumpster.

Theodred Vaven throws a firebolt in anger but as he draws the magics within himself he causes his ageing process to kickstart and he matures in years due to the strain. Truffle is unhurt.

Truffle comes out and shows his shiny pile. Ven trades some shiny coppers for the necklace and order is restored.
A mirror of true sight is shown to Ven by Truffle but they are unable to discern any further information. A censer is traded for a teaspoon and words are exchanged as best able through broken common to the Kenku.

Fav’s Diary:

Ven asks for Truffles’ help snooping for clues in exchange for shinies – Truffles tells us to fuck off, we suspect this is a term of endearment.

We proceed to travel to our destination when Ven notices a shifty fellow by the side of the road. He tells me to fuck off – I suspect this is not a term of endearment.

Ven’s Diary:

Met a potential contact “Ferrek” who I have arranged to pay 1 gold/5silver on delivery of information. He can be found by asking for him at the Smoking Satyr.

The party decides to take the quickest route – following the beaten track east to The Mirrored Lake before heading towards Alderwick. The party finally see Griffindine as its starts to get sodden in the air due to the spring weather.

They meet with Nuna and her adorable pet fox on the edge of the woods. They escort her to the local inn in Griffindine “The Screaming Mimic”. Once inside they speak to Adelaide the halfling the barmaid. She greets the group with “My your a tall one”. She seems to be very anxious of Ven. Ven asks her about the problem with Bullywogs. The bullywogs from the South-East coast get to frisky and get inside the town.

The Bully-wugs are destructive and bit rowdy at this time of year. Ven asks if the Wugs are dangerous and have caused harm. They appear to be causing no harm to the inhabitants but only to the livestocks. Theodred Vaven enquires as to who is the point of authority. Mr Tosscobble is given as the figure to be discussed.

Rooms are paid for by Nuna and the party retires for the night.

Session 3 - Prologue
A chance meeting

Vens Diary:

Early spring, post war year 213

I met a jolly nice fellow today, Celeste must of sent him to aid me with my quest to heal the innocent. He says his name is Faverin and he is a scout in the The Lightcrawlers , how exciting is that!

I had just finished breakfast and was heading towards Kuuma when I stumbled across an old merchant set upon by a group of dastardly bandits. I shouted at them to desist this deplorable behavior and to my shock they did not, to compound it all they began to advance upon myself.

As I readied myself to scold these thugs, a shining object flew past my shoulder and made itself at home within the leading ruffians breast. My soon to be friend was the gentleman who had so casually thrown said dagger.

Between his sword dance around the criminals and my brave mocking of their very existence we had soon reduced their odds of success. Following an excellent decapitation from Fav and my use of the very thing I disdain poison, we were able to protect the merchant and see him safely back to the capital.

The encounter has made me think that; to understand how these plagues work, one must not shy away from contact with it. Even it is repugnant at times one must use it on the evil in this world, if only to study the effects allowing for the ability to combat the disease in future.

Session 2 - Day 1
A new face

Arriving at the Gilded Hoof, the pair notice the immediate improvement in their surroundings and venture inside. The inn is not as busy as the previous establishment however there are a few patrons dispersed between the tables. As they approach the bar, a female tiefling introduces herself as Boots. Following conversation with Boots around the subject of the days events, a half-elf joins merrily in their discussion.

Theodrid as he is known, is interested in learning how one would go about acquiring a blessing. Faverin & Ven (Prevention) explain the events that lead up to their invitation. Session 3 – Prologue.

Drinks and food are shared as well as far-fetched gossip around the potential identities of the assassin. A human at one of the table when asked suspects Lutan Charmaire to be a potential culprit. Boots seems keen to be involved in the group and spends a lot of time near the table.

Boots also suggests that a visit to Bracklevale may be in order as they seem to be suffering from a disease or plague. Gurius warns them off this but does not give a detailed explanation other than highlighting the risk/danger involved.

The duo invite Theodrid to join them as they investigate the assassin’s background suggesting that this may be his “Good Deed”. After discussion with the locals they decide that the place to start would be the library.

The group enter the library and try to find the location of the information pertinent to them. Faverin is looking for information around Minerva; Theodrid is trying to locate information around the Arcance Harvest & Ven (Prevention) is trying to understand the history of Bracklevale.

After investigating the library the party decide to head to The Church of Light to see if the can find any truth to the rumors heard in the Gilded Hoof. Whilst in the Church they pray to their appropriate gods and Ven (Prevention) attempts to teach Theodrid about the ways of the Gods. Whilst the spending time there they manage to converse with a Brother of the Light who suggested that they would follow the High Priests teachings even if they personally believed the actions to go against their previous words. This troubled Ven (Prevention) and he spoke to the party of his concerns that the High Priest may be attempting a religo-military coup.

After spending time at the church the group head back to the Gilded Hoof and overhear the plight of a halfling town Griffindine. They seem to be under duress by a group of BullyWigs or Wullybogs. The party drunkenly pledge to rescue the town to start Theodrid on his way to good deeds.

Session 1 - Day 1

Fav and Ven have been gifted a blessing from Queen Kephrii. Fav single handedly saved an old merchant from a bandit attack and Ven healed his wounds, and it is this good deed that is the reason for the blessing. They have been put up in fancy quarters attached to the royal keep, and meet in the dining hall for breakfast. Fav recognises Ven but does not know him personally. Also in the dining hall are 2 others that have been invited to the blessing, a married human couple named Sally and Tim. Ven gets talking to Tim, and finds out they run a bakery in Kuuma by the name of Buns ‘n’ Stuff, and held a charity bake sale where they raised money for restoration of a dilapidated wing of the library. They remark that what they did is nothing compared to Fav and Ven. Tim mentions that Sally is part of the “seekers nonsense” and Fav looks a little offended and tries to talk to her about it, but she is quiet. Ven asks Sally what places he should visit in the city as he is not local, and she suggests the Order of Seeker’s library, the mage tower if you are granted entry, and The Gilded Hoof.

Mid breakfast, the queen’s handmaiden Draugryn enters the room and orders them to follow her. En route, she gives them tips on how to behave in front of the queen, and Fav and Ven spend a few minutes dusting themselves off making sure they are presentable. She knocks on a door at the end of the corridor and receives a knock from the other side, indicating they are ready. They are lead out to the stone steps in front of the large wooden doors to the keep, in front of a crowd of citizens cheering for them.

Draugryn bangs on the door, echoing over the square and silencing the crowd. She announces the queen, and Kephrii emerges from the keep’s doors. She is wearing a purple and gold robe, an intricate crown, and carrying a staff decorated with a jeweled owl. She touches the staff to her throat and is granted a booming voice, giving a speech about the accomplishments of the 4 citizens. She blesses Sally and Tim by tapping them on the head with her staff, and as she is about to bless Fav and Ven, an arrow fires from a nearby rooftop and narrowly misses her.

Draugryn rushes her inside the keep. The crowd is rapidly running for cover, and Fav implores Draugryn to get the civilians to safety, to which she orders him to be quiet. Fav notices a small figure scaling down the side of the building where their rooms for the night are, but Draugryn has also seen and sprints to the figure. She grabs and unmasks the would be assassin, with Fav following and Ven staying with Sally and Tim. Ven decides to see if knocking on the door will let him into the keep, but nobody answers. Fav sees that the assassin is a female wood elf, and is wearing a mask and hood and simple leather clothing. Draugryn and several guards accost the elf, who is struggling to speak under their hold. She then tells the elf that she will be dealt with in a manner that she has probably become accustomed to and leads her to a separate room in the keep.

The 4 of them are left alone, and Fav and Ven decide to lead Sally and Tim to their rooms to get there stuff back – Sally mentions her best cookery book is in there. They knock on the door as Draugryn did and a flustered guard lets them in and tells them to get their stuff and leave. They leave Sally and Tim at their room and get their weapons back from their quarters, before deciding to check the roof for hints at the assassin’s identity. They suspect the widowsisters due to Draugryn seeming to recognise the elf.

They head up to the roof and find a locked door blocking entry. Fav whips out his lockpicking tools while Ven looks away and pretends not to notice. They examine the roof and find nothing of interest, but note that there is no equipment left there.

Fav suggests they visit The Smoking Satyr, as it can be full of shady characters who might know something. They enter the bar and although it is lunchtime the place is already full of drunks. Fav tries to get the attention of John the innkeeper, but he is distracted by his poker game. Ven helps himself to a drink and leaves a silver on the counter as payment, and John doesn’t seem to mind. Fav tries to bribe the punters to give him information about the assassination attempt, but gets a drink thrown at him which he expertly dodges. Ven locates a halfling and human playing cards at another table who seem more sober, so he buys them each a drink and takes it over to them. The halfling recognises him as being at the blessing and they discuss what happened. Her human companion agrees with them about the widowsisters.

Ven decides he needs to get a room for the night as he has no accommodation, and asks John about his rooms. John seems surprised and leads him through a small door behind the bar, to a room filled with tables and a stage with a dancing bikini clad drow woman. The only two others in here are a gnome who is staring at the table and a human who is watching the show. Ven calls Fav in to the room, at which point John remembers they are supposed to pay to get in here. Ven tells him he let them in for free and John seems happy with that and leaves. Ven goes to sit with the human, who is unaware of the assassination attempt, having been here all morning. He tells Ven and Fav that he always thought there was something shifty about Lutan, and that he thinks he’s been eyeing up the queen’s job for a long time. In the meantime the drow is replaced with a high elf woman on stage, and they decide to leave as Ven doesn’t fancy staying in this place for the night. They head to the Gilded Hoof.


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